7 Ideas for a Successful Family Road Trip...

Well, hello there!

By the end of next week, most schools will be out and many of us will be itching to hit the road for a little vacation.  With extra time, many of us look no further than the family hot rod as our mode of transportation.  Make your road trip less painful and, dare I say, fun with these tips.

  1. Pack Right - Make sure each family member has all the comforts of home in the back seat.  Blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, books, toys, snacks & drinks make the hours fly by.  A backpack or tote bag for each family member is the way to go.  Don't forget a cooler and lots of water and charging supplies for phones, etc.
  2. Stop Often - Stopping every 3 or 4 hours may sound like you will never. get. where. you. are. going.  But you'd be surprised how a stop can put everyone in a better mood - especially the driver!  Rest stops are great places to stop - everyone can use the rest room and stretch their legs.
  3. Make a Game out of it -  Find the license plates from every state.  Find cars of different colors and makes.  Travel Bingo. Scavenger hunts (great to do on those stops you'll be making.  I love the idea of getting everyone off of devices for a little while and these things will do that.
  4. Movie Time - Some device time is certainly okay and sometimes the quiet is very welcome.  Pop a movie in your portable DVD player of download movies onto tablets before leaving home.  Have the kids pick them out.
  5. Have Help Planning - This is especially great for older kids - let them help plan the trip.  They'll be more invested in it and will likely have more fun.  Pull out the old school atlas and start planning your route. Look up places to stop on the way (see #2), Pick out places to stop for lunch and dinner.  
  6. Set a Budget - Very important so that your road trip leaves you with good memories, not months of credit card payments.  Get some great tips here.
  7. Document your Journey - Take lots of pictures and have family members take turns journaling the day.  Create a fun hashtag so friends and family can follow along.
Don't forget that sometimes the journey is the best part.

Have a great road trip!

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