A quick change...

LM has these cute little hooks by the door in her room.  I got them when she was a baby from Pottery Barn Kids.  The idea was that I could hang her jackets or a backpack on there.  As time went on and she grew older, they kind of became a catch all area.  Anything that could remotely be 'hung' went on the hooks.  Which lead us to this:

Obviously, the hats don't get worn everyday but I couldn't figure out a good place to put them so they didn't get damaged.  Until one day I was putting things away in the closet and noticed this space to the left of her shelves.  I took one hat over to see if it fit in the space and it did.  I headed to the tool box and got 3 nails and a hammer and ended up with this:

She can reach them all, they are out of the way but she can still see them when she's picking out her clothes. So there's no fear of them being forgotten like they might have been in a drawer.

I used nails so this was a no cost fix.  Always love those!  You could use hooks or even those Command removable hooks.

I have to say, I am quite proud of myself!  It's the little things, right?

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Laurie Anne said…
I love finding little nooks that solve big storage problems. It is truly amazing once you start looking how much extra space we have :0)

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