Book Club 2014.....

I joined my first book club this past August.  I did it for two reasons - my friend asked me and I thought it would be fun to read some books that are a little outside of my comfort zone.  Boy, did that happen.  I usually read books like 'Crazy Rich' (above) - interesting non-fiction types of books or easy reads like Elin Hilderbrand or Emily Giffin. 

Our first book was 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn which I read when it first came out (and the third reason I joined the book club - since I had already finished the book I would at least be guaranteed that I'd finish one!)  Our next book was this one:

I liked this one even if it was a bit far-fetched (in my opinion).  It was a quick read and a bit of a page turner.

We have also read this:

Another good one.  So far I was 3 for 3 and getting really into this book club thing!

And then we read this:

I didn't even finish it.

We then read 'The Book Thief' which was a little rough start for me but I ended up enjoying it.  I haven't seen the movie yet but really want to.

Our current book is 'And The Mountains Echoed' by Khaled Hosseini, the author of 'The Kite Runner'.  I am having a tough time with this one.  Book club is Wednesday night and it's still a crap shoot as to whether or not I'll finish the book before then.

I'd like to get to the point where I can read our book club book and one other book each month.  A lofty goal for me since Downton Abbey just started back up last night...

Stay tuned!


*carrie* said…
Thanks for your comment, Debra. I would definitely say spending only on basics is a frugal accomplishment! Good job. What's your summer destination?

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