Early Bird...

Seems I'm not the only one decorating early this year.  I have never decorated this early.  I mean. we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!  But as I was going over my planner I realized that I needed to get started lickety split or I would be spending Christmas in an insane asylum.

Take a look at some other bloggers who have started their decorating early this year:

My Sweet Savannah

Tatertots and Jello
When do you usually decorate for the holidays?


Laurie Anne said…
Funny you posted this. I was thinking how tempting it is to start decorating. I was telling myself if I just hang the lighted garlands it gives the house a "woodsy" feel which could work for Thanksgiving. Our annual Christmas party is the week after Thanksgiving so any head start I can get is a good thing :)

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