It's Still Summer...

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Well, I think Fall is finally almost here.  According to my calendar, it begins tomorrow.  Although you would think it started a while back if you've been perusing blogs, Instagram and Pinterest at all.

My daughter turns 14 in January.  Fourteen.  1-4.  How in the name of heaven did this happen?  Especially since I just turned 29 (again).  The time as flown by and to be honest I've been guilty of trying to rush things every now and then - 'I can't wait for Kindergarten to start, I'll have so much free time' (that, my friends, is the biggest mommy myth ever).  'I can't wait for Christmas break so we can go to Park City'. 'I can't wait for summer vacation'. The list goes on and I'm pretty sure you all have a similar one to mine.

At the beginning of the year I decided that I was going to try my darndest to not rush any seasons any more. Figurative and literal seasons.  Hence, the so far pumpkin spice free September Acres abode.  There will be no month long Halloween decorations (who thought that one up?), no Christmas decorations that are up for 6 weeks (guilty!) No more.  Fall goes up tonight on 'Autumn Eve'.  Halloween will go up the week of Fall Break (October 12).  Christmas will go up in - wait for it- December.

I can't do anything about Hobby Lobby putting Christmas Trees up in August but I certainly can make sure I don't do it.

I hope you'll check back tomorrow to see my Fall decorations.  Make it fast though since they won't be up forever...


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