"I'm on a budget now, you know..."

Says a friend during a conversation this weekend. We were talking about the hotels we were staying at while out of town for our hockey tournament.
Me: "Bill says you are at the Holiday Inn (HI)."
S: "Yes, the Spring Hill was booked so we are at the HI. And it was $20 cheaper. I'm on a budget now, you know."
Me: "I hear you." (My new, irritating way to say "I can relate".)
S: "You're always on a budget, even when times were good you were. Bill always talks about how you have him on a budget."
Me: "I know. But since we have always been on a budget we haven't had to change our lifestyle yet."
S: "I know. Mine has sure changed. Not for the better but that's the way it has to be."
Well, I guess I have a reputation out there! But my husband is walking around very proud that since we have always watched what we spend we haven't had to drastically alter our life style now like so many of our friends. I think he is starting to realize that it pays off to keep an eye on spending and not spend every dime that comes your way. It's not always easy but I am sure glad we have lived the way we have.
I am still trying to find ways to cut back and we're not buying too many things we don't need so we can save more and reduce our debt. I have to say that not going to Walmart helps keep things in check. Sounds crazy but going to Walmart to save on something is great if you can keep yourself from looking at other things that are also 'bargains'. Before you know it you (as in 'me') can spend double what you saved on bargain #1 when you add other goodies to the cart. So, I keep those trips to a minimum and can see a difference.


Laurie Anne said…
I think it is funny that finally living reasonably is now 'in'. We also just watch our money and it allows me to stay home with the kids. We want for nothing and that is a pretty nice way to live
Anonymous said…
So true about the bargain thing. I have started shopping at cheaper supermarkets, first thing in the morning, when I'm more focused, less tired, and less likely to buy impulsively, and it really works!

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