Last night after hockey, Little Miss wanted to go to the school science fair so I could see her class project ('do oil and water mix?'). Now this was the last thing I wanted to do for various reasons:
  • It started at 7:00. Dangerously close to bedtime. Really, school officials.
  • We got home from hockey at 6:15 and Little Miss was in need of a bath.
  • We needed to eat dinner. Little Miss thought we could eat after the science fair. Umm, no.
  • I was so stinkin' tired I could barely keep my head up. Good to drive around town feeling like that.

So, as you can imagine, we ended up at the science fair. Little Miss took a quick shower, had the only lunchables in the house for dinner (healthy, I know) and we were out of there at 7. Got to school about 7:05 and walked around until they announced the winners at 7:30'ish.

Two of Little Misses friends from hockey (who also came after practice) did a project together and won 1st prize for group project, lower grades. So it was worth the trip to see that. Now for the proud part. When we were leaving Little Miss ran ahead of me (in the pitch dark), I ask her to stop and she said 'just a minute' as I see her running to 'M' - one of her friends who did the group project -

She says, " 'M', hold on."

'M': "What?"

LM: "Congratulations, M."

Didn't even have to be prodded to congratulate her friend. And chased him down to do it...


Anonymous said…
It was definitely a 'moment'! You must be doing a great job!

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