Happy 'Smurfday'...

LM celebrated her 10th birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I am not quite sure where 10 years has gone.  She wanted a 'Smurfs' party and a bouncy house (they are all the rage here, are they like that where you live?).   

I ordered her invitations from EK Web Designs on Etsy.  We chose design #3 and had them customized.  I was sent a proof and then a PDF file which I had printed at the Walm*rt photo center. So easy and they turned out adorable!

Party City was showing these blue hanging pom poms with their Smurf items and I loved them.  They are actually still up!

Here's a view of the party table which I kept inside and had a snack/drink table set up outside by the bouncy house.

The Smurf cake was a hit and quite tasty.  LM asked for Red Velvet which you can now buy a box mix for  & that's what she asked for instead of me making it from scratch.  Works for me.  I think we got the Duncan Hines mix and it turned out fabulous, if you ever want to make red velvet the easy way. ;)

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to decorate the cake.  I thought about figurines but frankly, we spent a small fortune to rent the bouncy for the day and I didn't want to spend $10 more on some plastic figurines that would be tossed eventually.  So I came up with the Smurf hat idea.  My husband and LM were not sure if anyone would know what it was.  But every last person said 'that looks like a Smurf hat', even the dads who came over to watch football with my husband.  Mission accomplished. My writing looks like a first grader did it but it was hard to get my big hands down so close to the plate.

I made popcorn for the kids to snack on while playing and found these fun boxes at Hobby Lobby.

Here's LM on the bouncy.  They set it up at 10 am on Saturday so LM had a few friends come over early to enjoy it with her.  They bounced until about 9 pm.  We sent the boys home about 5 and 3 of the girls stayed overnight.  The bouncy house was picked up about 7:30 am on Sunday and was headed for another party. 

So, it was another successful birthday party here at September Acres.  And I have to say the bouncy house was worth every. last. penny.

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Laurie Anne said…
Love the smurf hat, so cute. yes, jumpy houses are a "must" up here as well. Looks like LM had a great time :0)
Bouncy Houses are ALWAYS worth the money! Good call :)
Sandy Ang said…
Totally cute smurfy cake
Jeff wise said…
I also love those bouncy houses! They provide such great fun exercise for our kids.

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