Index cards...

I tried to think of some snappy title for this post but the fact is that this is a pretty basic, non-snappy idea. Things have been busy here at September Acres lately.  Really, really busy.  It's just that time of year.  Girl Scout cookies, hockey tournaments, taxes, etc. 

I have always been a user of post-notes.  So cute and colorful. And sticky.  But a little flimsy and not always the best size ( I know they come in lots of sizes but I swear by the 3"X3" ones).  I have a planner that I use but sometimes I just need a quick place to jot something down and then when I have completed the task I can toss it. 

I bought a pack of index cards a while back for LM to use for vocabulary words.  I keep them in the kitchen drawer that houses homework supplies.  One day on a whim (yes, I live on the edge) I took out an index card and listed the things I need to do that day. 

 ~Light bulb moment here~

I love these things!  I love the size - they fit perfect in the console of my car so I can refer to the card any time.  They have lines to keep things neat.  They are a bit more sturdy than a piece of paper but not as permanent as a planner.

I have white ones now.

But they do come in pastels.  Maybe more colors, I haven't checked yet. And they are cheap!

If you ever wanted to keep the cards you could store them in an index card box.  Oh, the possibilities!

What do you do to keep yourself organized on the go?  Are you a list maker?


I use index cards a lot too! When I first started my business I had a card for each customer's order. Then I created an order form based on what I learned over the first few months. I still have a stack of index cards in my desk...I should start using them up!
Jenni Shaver said…
I am an index card user. I always carry the book I am reading with me and I use a blank index card as a bookmark. I jot things down that I come across during the day (or night when I can't sleep because of the lists I am making in my head!). I am partial to the unlined ones myself. =)


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