No Spend Recap...

We are just about to the end of our no spend month.  Honestly, this is the worst year since we started this four years ago.  We still spent much less than normal but it didn't exactly turn out the way I had planned.

We ate out of the pantry alot (again, not as much as I wanted).  We ended up spending about $140 on groceries vs. the $240-$250 we usually spend each month.  So I was happy with that savings.  Our pantry is still fairly full so I plan to continue to try to use up some things during the month of March.

We didn't shop much.  I went to Walmart once at the end of January to buy things I knew we'd need.  And I did buy a much needed lamp at Target for LM's room ($16).  LM also needed some shorts (for hockey/PE) which I was able to get at Sports Authority on sale.  So I feel pretty good about not shopping for shopping's sake.  There were, sadly, no trips to Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  But then, I don't really need anything right now.

We went out of town one weekend for a hockey tournament.  That's when I went to Target.  We were able to use our Marriott rewards points for both nights we were gone so that saved a ton and we grilled out by the pool for dinner.  Considering what we could have spent I thought we did well.  And we budgeted for the trip since we knew we were going a while back.

So, I don't think the month was a bust by any means.  I just know we can do better because we have.  I'd really like to try to do this again in April.  I just need to get the troops on board.


Jeff Wise said…
You only spent $140 on groceries all month? How did you do that! Great job! Are you able to buy anything organic?
Wow! Groceries are expensive here...I spend about 100 a week just on fruits, veggies, meats and dairy.

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