Summer Fun...

We have two weeks left of summer vacation here.  This summer has flown by faster than any I have remembered.  I guess it's because we've been so busy and have hardly been home.  I really long for the lazy days of summer that I remember as a child.

My mom found this free printable called 101 days of summer fun @ Laura Winslow Photography.  We had big plans for these ideas at the beginning of the summer and then life happened: a quickie trip to St Louis, babysitting class, golf camp, a planned trip to Disneyland with LM's girl scout trip for four days, dentist & hairdresser appointments, a planned road tour of California and the usual household things-like laundry & grocery shopping.  We have also found time to do some of the things on this list.  Like:
  • Family Movie Night (when the McKenna 'American Girl' movie was on NBC)
  • Visit a Museum
  • Staying up late (too many nights)
  • Dance in the rain
  • Make a fort
  • Take a class 
  • Eat Breakfast for dinner
And I think we can still make time for a few things before school starts:
  • Bake cupcakes
  • Water balloons
  • Make a book nook
  • Paint with pudding
  • Make a nature rubbing
  • Make greeting cards for the year
  • Paint rocks
  • Have a sleepover
What kinds of things have you done with your kids this summer?


Laurie Anne said…
This summer has flown by, way too quickly for my liking as well. We have taken a couple of quick trips, but I'm hoping to get a little camping in before school starts :0)

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