10 Things to do on Black Friday (besides shop)

I spent too many years in retail to ever want to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving shopping.  All that traffic and pushing and waiting in line is great for retailers but not for me.  I actually went to W@lmart one Black Friday about 15 years ago.  I figured I'd zip in at 5 am, pick up the vacuum and TV and be back at home before my husband woke up.  This was before the days of being open on Thanksgiving day and even at 5 am, the store was packed.   Packed with mean, pushy, cart ramming shoppers.  I picked up the two things I came for as fast as I could (which wasn't all that fast) and vowed never to do that again.  Never.  Ever.

These days my Black Fridays are more relaxing and fun.  If you're looking for something to do this year besides hitting the mall, consider one of these activities:

  1. Put up your Christmas Tree.  This can be a fun family event and if you have relatives in town you even get some extra help!  Take pictures, too, and share them on the September Acres Facebook page. You'll find a post called 'Tree Trimming Party', pinned to the top.
  2. Write out your Christmas Cards. I love the day that I send out my cards.  It's one thing I've ticked off my to-do list and the task is not hanging over me as another thing that needs to be finished.  
  3. Bake. If you're a baker, Friday is a good day to get started.  Again, with relatives in town you may get some help and enjoy a day of family fun.
  4. Enjoy the outdoors. Take a hike or bike ride with the family.  If you're lucky enough to live near a ski resort, check and see when opening day is.  Many resorts try to open Thanksgiving weekend if there's enough snow (or they can make enough) but it's usually not super crowded this early in the season.
  5. Create an advent calendar. Advent calendars are always fun but I've seen some out there that cost a pretty penny.  Spend the day making your own advent calendar with your kids. You can find some fun advent calendar ideas here.
  6. Watch Movies. Spend the day in pajamas, eat leftovers and watch movies.  Pull out your favorite holiday flicks or just some fun movies your family loves but doesn't get to watch very often. You'll find some of my holiday favorites here.
  7. Go to the Movies. Pack everyone up and head out to the theater for a family friendly matinee. Or if you have a large group, pick a few movies that start and end at about the same time so everyone gets to see something they like.
  8. Take the Kids Swimming.  It's been pretty wintery already and a day at the indoor pool may be just the ticket.  Most towns have a rec center or Y pool so give them a call and see what their weekend hours are.
  9. Park Day & Picnic.  If you still have fairly warm weather, pack up some turkey sandwiches and the family and head to your local park for a day of play.
  10. Work on Holiday Crafts. Most of us have spent the last month or so pinning every cute holiday craft we've seen on line but most of us haven't done all any of them yet.  Do it on Friday!  Just remember to buy any supplies you need before Friday so you don't have to brave the crowds at the craft store.
I really look forward to Black Friday knowing that I have the entire day to do something fun with my family.  (disclosure:  my husband doesn't partake in most of these activities but I can find him in his chair watching the plethora of college football games that are on TV.  A win/win all around!)

What are your Black Friday traditions?


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