Can you hear the music?

The Christmas music that is. Driving home on Christmas night I was happy to hear a Christmas tune as we got in the car at 7 pm. As soon as that song was over - boom!- back the regular music. Such an abrupt ending to a wonderful time of year (on the radio anyway). Luckily I have an arsenal to keep the music playing through the new year (my husband is not so happy about that!)

I just returned from KMart where I got some Christmas wrap (cute) and cards (also cute) for next year. I figure now's the time to get it since I will pay full price for the same thing next December. So now I am ahead of the game. There was still ALOT of stuff left today, the 28th. And there were really no crowds to deal with. I was able to look at all the cards at my leisure.

My decorations are still up. I love the lights from the tree. I will probably take everything down on the 1st'ish. Here a little 'vignette' from my mantel that is still up & looking oh so cute:

How could I take that down??? My dad's cousin sent the little penguin this year. I is actually a painted gourd. Too cute.
Well, I am off to lunch with my hubby! YUM


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