My first entry

Well, I finally decided to do a blog. What posessed me, I don't know, since I always am saying I am way too busy. Maybe I will find that this is an outlet for me. I guess time will tell.

My goal will be to share what's going on around here with those who wish to read about it. I also want to share pictures of my life and family. I see so many neat blogs with the coolest pictures, decorating ideas, recipes, etc. I have copied a few things already - I hope no one minds!

The name for my blog has little meaning. I just like it. Many, many years ago I saw a movie in which 'September Acres' was the name of a home (you know the type, the LONG driveway that leads up to the big gate, that leads to the big circular driveway and bigger house). I have always remembered that name for some reason and since my plantation isn't quite done I figured this was the perfect place to use the name! My house bears little resemblence to the above description (although we do have a circular driveway) but I still love it. It is big enough for some privacy (sort of) but small enough that I pretty much enter each room everyday.

As I said earlier, I am way too busy so I should go and wrap the last of my Christmas gifts and finish this ABC book I am making for my daughter for Christmas.


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