It's coming whether we're ready or not..

Well, I am on the last leg of Christmas preparations. Wrapping the very last of the gifts, baking the last of the cookies (hopefully eating the last of them, too!) The big thing right now for me is getting the house straightened up for our company on Christmas Eve. Wait, that's tomorrow. What, you might ask, am I doing on the computer?? No good answer - how about taking a break?

I am wrapping the last of my daughter's gifts as soon as I finish this. I usually wait until Christmas Eve for the wrapping but this year I decided to do it early & I am glad I did. A new tradition has started. The last things I need to wrap are some things I ordered for her online. They have been here almost a week but I am just getting to it. She will really be excited - it is new riding gear for her quad - goggles, jersey, pants and gloves. She has outgrown everything else so I figured since I needed to buy it Christmas was a great excuse. She will be especially excited since the new gear is PINK!

As I type this I am listening to Christmas music on my computer (don't you just love technology?). I wish the stations would play Christmas music through New Year's but I don't see it happening. I noticed 24 hours of Christmas music started a few days ago here. That was exciting for me! Since we don't see snow here it is really good to hum "Winter Wonderland" to get into the Christmas mood.

Well, I am off the wrap. I love seeing all the gifts under the tree in just the perfect arrangement. One day my five year old will appreciate it too instead of re-arranging perfection....


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