It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, not really but hopefully by the weekend it will.

We arrived home from our trip to Utah this afternoon. It was about 34 degrees when we left this morning and when we pulled into our driveway this afternoon it was 77. Oh yes, it's Christmastime in Arizona.

We had a really fun trip. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, spent time with my sister and cousin, my daughter spent Friday at ski school, we watched a local production of 'Music Man' & shopped a bit on Friday (note to self: don't do this again.) We had pretty nice weather. Actually kind of warm but we did have some flurries on Thursday night.

As you can imagine, after being gone 5 days, I have oodles of things to accomplish this week. Tomorrow appears to be the craziest schedule of all: Take daughter to school, a dr. appt at 9, Stamp club at 9 (who knew that last year when I made the dr appt that it would coincide w/ my fun time - please make the appt go quickly), pick dog up from vet after stamp club, pick daughter up from school & take to CCD, pick up from CCD and take daughter to hockey. I am hoping I can fit in some time to go to the grocery to pick up some fresh fruit & veggies.

So, I will be back ASAP. Oh, I plan on putting some new things on my Etsy shop by Tuesday also so please take a look. Have a great week!


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