Why my husband doesn't go grocery shopping...

Two words: Hydroponic Tomatoes!

My mom came over yesterday for a bit and with her she brought a bag of grapes. How nice, I thought. The reason she brought the grapes is that she asked my dad to pick up '2 medium bags of grapes'. He thought she said 3 bags, so he bought 4. Makes sense, right?

That made me think of the last time I sent my husband to do some shopping (other than pick up a bag of chips or some ranch type of thing). It was 11 years ago - the New Year's right after we got married and we were having a party. So I gave him a list of things we needed for the party and asked him to pick them up since he was off and I was working. Give him a list - no problems should occur, right? One would think it was an easy thing. Well, he brings everything home, puts it away, I come home, start fixing stuff for the party. He gives me the receipt and I don't remember the total but I do remember saying that it was an awful expensive trip for the amount of items on the list. I look more closely at the receipt and notice tomatoes on there to the tune of $10. WHAT?? I open the fridge and what do I see but the most gorgous tomaotes you have ever seen. Ah, that's the problem as it is December in Virginia so you know what the tomatoes should look like - pale orange-ish. Come to find out they are hydroponic tomatoes. And he was so proud of himself. :)

After that it was decided that to keep within our food budget it would be best if I was the main grocery shopper in the family. And so it has been for 11 years. Do you think he did that on purpose???


Sarah said…
Hi Debra, That is a funny story!

Let me know if you add more items to your etsy shop!

Take Care Sarah
I recently bought Hydroponic Tomatoes...and didn't realize it till much later. I almost kicked myself! I had never heard of them until I read the little plastic container they came in. The name just does not sound good...at all.

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