Sunday, June 29, 2008

A 'sign' of the times...

My daughter put this sign up on the playroom door today after the dog stepped on some of her stickers (gasp!). I was blow drying my hair when I heard the playroom door close and a few seconds later I saw the dog walk by so I knew something was up. I was impressed with how neat the handwriting was. She also spelled everything correctly by herself.

The kitchen is painted -yea! At first I tought 'chocolate curl' was going to be too light but once it dried it was perfect. We will have some of the counters installed this week and they will finish next week. The 4th of July holiday is pushing it back. We will know on Monday what they can install this week. Now that the paint is done I am eager to see how it looks with the counter top.

I have been wathcing 'Design Star' on HGTV. After today, I think I should try out - haha. It was good tonight. I love when they work alone- I think you really see the cream rise to the top. These were two of the better rooms. The one on my left was my favorite. And I hate to say it since the desinger, Jennifer, is one of my least favorite contestants. But she really hit this one
out of the park tonight. She actually drew the design on the wall freehand and her inspiration was a town in Italy famous for its pottery. I am eager to see it next week. I wish we didn't have to wait a whole week. But I am sure next Sunday will get here too quick.

I am off to bed after I put away a few things in the kitchen..

Friday, June 27, 2008


I was tagged by Eileen so here goes:

Everything is supposed to have one word answers (I'll do my best on the one word part but some of them are tough to use just one word).

Yourself: Friendly
Your hair: brown
Your favorite item: camera
Your dream last night: none
Your Favorite drink: water
Your dream car: Yukon
Your dream home: beach house
Room you're in: office
Your biggest fear: losing my car in a parking lot (crazy, I know)
Where do you want to be in 10 years: doing more of what I do now
Who you hung out with last night: friends (at Bunko)
You're not: rude
On of of your wishlist items: countertops
The last thing you did: put daughter to bed
You are wearing: pajamas
Favorite weather: sunny
Favorite book: "In an instant"
Last thing you ate: banana split
Your life: fabulous
Your mood: good
What are you thinking of right now: how boring these answers must be to anyone reading! :)
What are you doing at this moment: typing
Relationship status: married

Well if you're still awake... thanks

I am going to spend most of tomorrow painting (I hope). Part of our kitchen should be done next week and the rest after the 4th.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kitchen progress...

Well, our kitchen seems to be coming along. The cabinets are painted, the half wall between the kitchen and dining room is gone, tile is fixed. The counters should go in next week along with a new island and the slide outs in the pantry. I am really still kind of in disbelief. We have talked about this for so long and it's finally almost done. I still have some things to do:

  • Prime and paint the part of the wall that needed new drywall when the half wall came down.

  • Paint the kitchen. It is a pretty quick job since there is not a ton of wall space. We picked the color 'chocolate curl'- isn't that great for a kitchen? It is a dark brown (of course). It is from Lowe's - Olympic. They supposedly have a lower VOC which is good. Every little bit helps. I picked 'peppered pecan' for this small area in the hallway that has cabinets and is also getting new countertop since there is some left over. Right now it's is a lavendar-ish color which looked great with the dark cabinets but is rather disgusting with the white ones.

  • Clean the tile floor- there is some grout that got on the tile so I am headed to Lowe's to find something to clean it with - nothing I have tried works. The only thing I haven't used is my new "shark'" steamer which could possily do the trick- we'll see.

Our new counter will look something like this:

It looks a bit pinker here than in real life. I think we will like it. But honestly, anything is probably better than the green. I have to say though that I feel a little guilty getting it since there is nothing wrong with the green - except the way it looks. I know we will love it though. We are getting a new sink too. It's just like Christmas!! :)

We have been having a few fun days. It's been hot - over 110 for about a week or so. I think it's 'only' going to be 108 tomorrow. haha But it is great swimming weather. We have been going to the library alot too. For storytime, crafts, movies. Trying to stay cool and keep my daughter busy.

I ventured out to the new Super Walmart last week. It was a 15 mile trip (one way) which for us is a haul. The store is soooo big - it is overwhelming. But it is nice and clean. I wanted to check out the groceries so I did my grocery shopping there. There were definitely some good deals but probably not enough to go out once a week. I don't know that the savings is worth almost 2 gallons of gas! Everything seems to revolve around gas now, doesn't it? I am sure the hoopla will die down when something else comes around to talk about. The one thing I find that Walmart has good prices on is snack foods - very dangerous - you could come home with a cart of 'food' and have it be mostly snacks. :) I tried the $2 wine - I think it's called Oak Hill. I am not a connoisseur but it wasn't bad. I bought the Cabernet sauvingon.

Well, I am off to pay some bills and hit the sack. Eileen has tagged me and I will try to take care of that next post....

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was driving my daughter to VBS tonight and a commercial came on the radio for Del Taco. It goes something like this:

Man 1: "I just filled up my car and it cost $100. Now I have no money for food.

Man 2: "What kind of car do you have?"

1: "A hybrid"

2: "A hybrid?"

1: "A hybrid SUV"

2: "oh, well come to DelTaco to get a burrito (or whatever kind of food it was) for $2.99"

The commercial finishes and my daughter says to me "How does that make the price of gas go down?"

What does through their minds?? I was laughing so hard - it was a great question. One I guess only a child would ask. The adults are on their way to Del Taco..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

109 degrees...

at 11 am today. Yes, it's going to be a hot one! This is our 3rd or 4th day over 110. And it's still technically spring! I am not complaining at all; I like the heat. It just takes a few days to switch the schedule around, plan outings in the morning before it gets too hot & hunker down in the afternoon; either in the house or in the pool.

Today we will probably stay in as my daughter has her 2nd night of VBS so it will be good to relax and not get too tired out in the heat. Their VBS is from 5:30-8:30. Not my first choice but I am not running it (nor do I want to!) She did great last night though. She did swim yesterday and Sunday was mostly a swimming day so she was beat by yesterday afternoon. I half thought that I would find her sleeping in the corner when I went to pick her up last night but she was dancing and singing away. They were told to bring their swimsuits tonight for some water fun.

We had company this weekend. Our friends have 2 boys, age 7 & 10, so my daughter was in 7th heaven having company. They spent the night with us and their parents spent the night at my parents' house. It was fun having 3 kids for a night. They were so sweet and well behaved. Of course, as we all do, their parents asked us how they behaved. I always feel like it shows good parenting when you can send your kids to someone else's house and they are angels - even if it isn't always like that at home. :)

I am still super swamped but wanted to write a few things on my blog before lunch today; otherwise I may forget it all...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back home...

We are back from our vacation in Washington. We had a great time, although it rained almost every day. Apparently, this is the coldest first week of June since 1894. The above picture is the view from our bedroom at low tide. Still pretty magnificent - rain or not. It was getting hard at the end of the trip to keep the 6 year old occupied she took it all in stride.

We went into Seattle on Monday, which turned out to be the nicest weather day. We went to the Space Needle which was great. Walked around alot which we all needed to do! :) Since it was Sunday alot of the cute home furnishings shops were closed - not that I would buy anything but I love to look in fun places like that. They had an Ann Sacks store which was closed. But there were huge windows showing all the cool stuff they have. We went to the Pike Place market which was lots of fun. On Saturday afternoon, my daughter & I went to a local ballet recital. It was really good - dancers from age 4-24. It was entertaining - the dancers were great. On Saturday there was a "low tide" festival. That was really fun, even though it was COLD and we weren't prepared. We were able to see all kind of sea life - even a live starfish.
Today I had a follow up doctor appointment @ 8:45. What was I thinking scheduling that the day after we get home??? It was a good appointment though. My cholesterol is down quite a bit and the dr was happy. Me too,as I didn't want to end up on medication. We will test it again in Dec but I am hoping it stays the same.
I am off the bed - a little later than I wanted - just like always. But not too late. I will probably be a little scarce while I get caught up on cleaning, laundry and paperwork. Hopefully it won't take too long...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dinner at our house...

This was our little guest last night at dinner. My daughter set her up at the table with Bitty Baby's high chair on top of a dining chair. The playdoh was her baby food. They are so creative.

My daughter had a birthday party to go to yesterday for one of her friends. It was a pool party & the weather was perfect. She had fun & was pooped when she got home. She was there almost four hours. The little girl's mom said she could stay as long as we needed her too since my husband and I were having a date 'afternoon' since I am leaving tomorrow to meet my sister for a vacation (my mom is going with us too). This little girl's mom is so nice - she is also my daughter's Daisy scout leader and she is so great with the girls. Super creative too. I hope the girls continue to be friends for a long time since I like the mom so much. :)

Every January I wish my daughter had a summer birthday. It is so easy to plan a pool party. It keeps the kids occupied & you don't have to try to think up games and crafts. But so far I have done a pretty good job at making a fun day without swimming so I guess it's not so bad.

Well, I am off to tie up some loose ends before I hit the hay.