Kitchen progress...

Well, our kitchen seems to be coming along. The cabinets are painted, the half wall between the kitchen and dining room is gone, tile is fixed. The counters should go in next week along with a new island and the slide outs in the pantry. I am really still kind of in disbelief. We have talked about this for so long and it's finally almost done. I still have some things to do:

  • Prime and paint the part of the wall that needed new drywall when the half wall came down.

  • Paint the kitchen. It is a pretty quick job since there is not a ton of wall space. We picked the color 'chocolate curl'- isn't that great for a kitchen? It is a dark brown (of course). It is from Lowe's - Olympic. They supposedly have a lower VOC which is good. Every little bit helps. I picked 'peppered pecan' for this small area in the hallway that has cabinets and is also getting new countertop since there is some left over. Right now it's is a lavendar-ish color which looked great with the dark cabinets but is rather disgusting with the white ones.

  • Clean the tile floor- there is some grout that got on the tile so I am headed to Lowe's to find something to clean it with - nothing I have tried works. The only thing I haven't used is my new "shark'" steamer which could possily do the trick- we'll see.

Our new counter will look something like this:

It looks a bit pinker here than in real life. I think we will like it. But honestly, anything is probably better than the green. I have to say though that I feel a little guilty getting it since there is nothing wrong with the green - except the way it looks. I know we will love it though. We are getting a new sink too. It's just like Christmas!! :)

We have been having a few fun days. It's been hot - over 110 for about a week or so. I think it's 'only' going to be 108 tomorrow. haha But it is great swimming weather. We have been going to the library alot too. For storytime, crafts, movies. Trying to stay cool and keep my daughter busy.

I ventured out to the new Super Walmart last week. It was a 15 mile trip (one way) which for us is a haul. The store is soooo big - it is overwhelming. But it is nice and clean. I wanted to check out the groceries so I did my grocery shopping there. There were definitely some good deals but probably not enough to go out once a week. I don't know that the savings is worth almost 2 gallons of gas! Everything seems to revolve around gas now, doesn't it? I am sure the hoopla will die down when something else comes around to talk about. The one thing I find that Walmart has good prices on is snack foods - very dangerous - you could come home with a cart of 'food' and have it be mostly snacks. :) I tried the $2 wine - I think it's called Oak Hill. I am not a connoisseur but it wasn't bad. I bought the Cabernet sauvingon.

Well, I am off to pay some bills and hit the sack. Eileen has tagged me and I will try to take care of that next post....


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