A 'sign' of the times...

My daughter put this sign up on the playroom door today after the dog stepped on some of her stickers (gasp!). I was blow drying my hair when I heard the playroom door close and a few seconds later I saw the dog walk by so I knew something was up. I was impressed with how neat the handwriting was. She also spelled everything correctly by herself.

The kitchen is painted -yea! At first I tought 'chocolate curl' was going to be too light but once it dried it was perfect. We will have some of the counters installed this week and they will finish next week. The 4th of July holiday is pushing it back. We will know on Monday what they can install this week. Now that the paint is done I am eager to see how it looks with the counter top.

I have been wathcing 'Design Star' on HGTV. After today, I think I should try out - haha. It was good tonight. I love when they work alone- I think you really see the cream rise to the top. These were two of the better rooms. The one on my left was my favorite. And I hate to say it since the desinger, Jennifer, is one of my least favorite contestants. But she really hit this one
out of the park tonight. She actually drew the design on the wall freehand and her inspiration was a town in Italy famous for its pottery. I am eager to see it next week. I wish we didn't have to wait a whole week. But I am sure next Sunday will get here too quick.

I am off to bed after I put away a few things in the kitchen..


Danielle said…
That sign is too cute!

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