I was driving my daughter to VBS tonight and a commercial came on the radio for Del Taco. It goes something like this:

Man 1: "I just filled up my car and it cost $100. Now I have no money for food.

Man 2: "What kind of car do you have?"

1: "A hybrid"

2: "A hybrid?"

1: "A hybrid SUV"

2: "oh, well come to DelTaco to get a burrito (or whatever kind of food it was) for $2.99"

The commercial finishes and my daughter says to me "How does that make the price of gas go down?"

What does through their minds?? I was laughing so hard - it was a great question. One I guess only a child would ask. The adults are on their way to Del Taco..


Eileen said…
Hi Debra, I tagged you. If you want to play come by my blog!
Laurie Anne said…
Very cute, I always love the funny questions Sam will ask. There is just something about the mind of a 5 year old :0)

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