Dinner at our house...

This was our little guest last night at dinner. My daughter set her up at the table with Bitty Baby's high chair on top of a dining chair. The playdoh was her baby food. They are so creative.

My daughter had a birthday party to go to yesterday for one of her friends. It was a pool party & the weather was perfect. She had fun & was pooped when she got home. She was there almost four hours. The little girl's mom said she could stay as long as we needed her too since my husband and I were having a date 'afternoon' since I am leaving tomorrow to meet my sister for a vacation (my mom is going with us too). This little girl's mom is so nice - she is also my daughter's Daisy scout leader and she is so great with the girls. Super creative too. I hope the girls continue to be friends for a long time since I like the mom so much. :)

Every January I wish my daughter had a summer birthday. It is so easy to plan a pool party. It keeps the kids occupied & you don't have to try to think up games and crafts. But so far I have done a pretty good job at making a fun day without swimming so I guess it's not so bad.

Well, I am off to tie up some loose ends before I hit the hay.


Laurie Anne said…
I have a summer birthday and I was alway sad that my mom could not bring in cupcakes on my birthday and my friends were always on vacation. I guess the grass is always greener. You know there is no reason that you couldn't just have a pool party anyway. Ben's bday is December and one summer he wanted a slip and slide party, so we had one. It was a blast. I think parties "just because" are fun and feel like less pressure for some reason. Anyway, you are lucky to be in sunny weather. Ben has a pool party on Saturday for baseball and it might hit 60. Yikes :0)

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