I was tagged by Eileen so here goes:

Everything is supposed to have one word answers (I'll do my best on the one word part but some of them are tough to use just one word).

Yourself: Friendly
Your hair: brown
Your favorite item: camera
Your dream last night: none
Your Favorite drink: water
Your dream car: Yukon
Your dream home: beach house
Room you're in: office
Your biggest fear: losing my car in a parking lot (crazy, I know)
Where do you want to be in 10 years: doing more of what I do now
Who you hung out with last night: friends (at Bunko)
You're not: rude
On of of your wishlist items: countertops
The last thing you did: put daughter to bed
You are wearing: pajamas
Favorite weather: sunny
Favorite book: "In an instant"
Last thing you ate: banana split
Your life: fabulous
Your mood: good
What are you thinking of right now: how boring these answers must be to anyone reading! :)
What are you doing at this moment: typing
Relationship status: married

Well if you're still awake... thanks

I am going to spend most of tomorrow painting (I hope). Part of our kitchen should be done next week and the rest after the 4th.


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