Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday...

The weather in my neck of the woods: Still over 100 degrees. It is fall,right??

One of my simple pleasures: An afternoon nap - :)

On my bedside table: I am almost done with 'Twilight'.

On my TV: news

On the menu for tonight: spaghetti, salad

On my to do list: laundry, take snack to church for LM's religion class today, work

New recipe I tried last week: nothing

In the craft basket: nothing

Looking forward to: LM has fall break next week (already)

Homemaking tip of the week: Don't forget to have the kids pitch in. They love to help and it really makes your job a bit smaller.

Favorite Blog post of the week (mine or other): This one by the Entertaining Mom. Just a reminder to us all that if we cannot resist the temptation that we should leave our phones in the car when taking our kids to the playground. :)

Favorite photo of the week:

LM was taking Christmas card photos for her sextuplets. Never too early (wonder where she gets that). "It was crazy getting them to pose for this" she says.

Lesson learned the last few days: Those chores won't do themselves.

On my prayer list: friends and family

Devotional, Scripture reading, Key verse:

The great mind knows the power of gentleness.
~Robert Browning
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Corn Chowder...

I thought I would join Life as Mom today for the Favorite Fall Food recipe swap. I need to get in the mood for fall which is a little tough as it will be 102 today! So I thought some food would help.
Corn Chowder
2 c. chicken broth or water
2 c. chopped potatoes
1/2 c. carrots chopped
1/2 c. celery chopped
1/4 c onion chopped
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
Bacon (about 6-8 strips- or to taste)
1/4 c. margarine or butter
1/4 c. flour
2 c. milk
1 c. Parmesan cheese
17 oz can cream style corn
17 oz can corn (drained)
Brown bacon and onion. Set aside. Add water/broth to veggies (minus corn). Add salt, pepper. Cover & simmer 10 min. Do not drain. Make white sauce w/ butter, flour & milk. Add Parmesan cheese stirring until melted. Mix white sauce with veggies. Add corn and bacon/onion mixture to vegetables. Heat, do not boil.. Spice it up with the Tabasco. You can also add cooked chicken to the chowder at the end.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Am I alone?

Tell me I'm not the only one hooked on the Househusbands of Hollywood? It is on Fox Reality (usually kind of a mediocre channel but I think they got this right).
It is WAY better than any of the Housewives shows. First of all, look at these guys. Very easy on the eyes I must say. And way less drama than any of the housewives.
Remember Tempest Bledsoe, Vanessa from the Cosby Show? Her guy, Darryl Bell (you may remember him from a Different World) is at home while she works.
Jillian Reynolds of Good Day LA spends her days on the set while (cute) hubby Grant takes care of their little girl.
Billy Ashley is married to Lisa, a makeup artist, and he is at home with their 2 girls.
Charlie is a stay at home dad to cute little Ryan. His wife is a psychiatrist or something and we never see her on screen as she needs to keep her anonymity for some reason.
Danny's wife is a lawyer and he is the househusband. They appear to be very young.
All the guys are really likable. The funny thing is that most of their wives leave them lists each day of the things the guys need to get done. Do any of your husbands do that? Umm, not here. Thankfully...

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Guest/Kids Bathroom....

Joining the Mrs. again today to unveil the guest/kids bathroom. Go check hers out. Here is Little Misses bathroom. It is also our guest bathroom. It is very small. They just don't make bathrooms like they used to...thankfully! But it serves it's purpose and is easy to clean. It is the only room in our house that we haven't remodeled or painted. One day...
This is the view as you walk in the door. Please note the lovely polished brass. Not a fan, but like I said, it works.
Behind the door and across from the vanity and toilet. Friends took the photos of LM with an underwater camera & I had them enlarged. Frames from Target.

The vanity area.
Well, that's about it. Like I said it is small. It will likely be the next room we tackle. Maybe.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

'I look like a rag doll'...

says Little Miss this morning after I did her hair. Today is picture day. She wanted curls. She wanted her hair pulled back like one of her dolls. I picked out a cute ponytail holder - pink, green and white ribbons. I placed it on the top of her head so you could see the cute ponytail holder. Not quite right for LM - apparently she looked like a rag doll. Whatever that means. So I switched it out with a boring tortoise shell clip lower down. No more rag doll. She was happy.
We are off tomorrow for a wedding that takes place on Saturday. LM is the flower girl. Thankfully, a hairdresser will be doing her hair for the big event.

Although our car will be packed to look like we will not be home anytime soon we will be back in a few days. See you then...

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Little Girl's Room...

I'm joining The Mrs. today. She is showing off her baby girl's room and I am showing LM's. Here it is:
I am not a fan of the ginormous bed. The room is small. The bed is not. It is hard to make. And it is hard to make it look cute. When LM was almost 2 we decided it was time to move from the crib to bed. I had a cute little twin bed picked out at Pottery Barn Kids. My husband thought we should look at some local stores (for a small town we have a lot of furniture stores). I knew better. I did. But off we went to look for a cute little bed for LM. That same afternoon this lovely was delivered to our house. That's what you get when a 2 yr old and her dad pick out furniture. Don't say I didn't warn you! :) So, for almost 5 yrs I have lived with this. I have to say that it has been nice for sleepovers. And every so often LM will sleep on the top bunk. She is ready to redecorate and has found a bed in PBK she likes (yea!). We're not getting it right now but hopefully in the very near future. Duvet cover from Garnet Hill. Love the 2 different sides so I can change it up when the mood strikes me. Sheets were a gift - can't remember where they came from. The white pillow case has little ballerinas on it which LM loves. My dad made the shelf and I painted it white for the room - it's kind of her night table since the bed is too big to fit a night table next to it. Pink buckets from PBK. Those of you from Virginia may remember the white bear on the top bunk as 'Snow Bear' from Thalhimers.
Above is the wall across from the bed. Book case and basket from PBK. The basket sits on my hope chest. Have pondered painting it white.

This is the little 'variety' corner at the end of the bed. Bookcase from JCPenney. Baskets and pink buckets with chalkboard from Target. The pink bin on the floor holds her dress up things. Her hockey medals hang on the wall - I need to find a better way to display them but this works for now.
Dress sits next to the hope chest. From JCPenney. My mom made the quilt and curtains. Basket holds all the other quilts my mom made. They usually come out at night and serve as beds for the animal farm (you can get a glimpse of them above on the bed). The paint is called kiwi (I think - we painted it 8 yrs ago for her nursery - we knew she would be a girl but I wouldn't paint the room pink -'just in case') by Behr.
I may or may not be back this week. We leave Thursday for my cousin's wedding in No. Ca. LM is the flower girl. Have a lot to do to get ready to go. Not the least of which is figuring out what clothes to bring as it is supposed to be a balmy 99 on Saturday. Not quite the fall weather I was counting on. Luckily, LM's dress for the wedding is sleeveless and mine is short sleeved. Hubby's suit, now that's another story...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alert the media...

I cleaned my oven! It wasn't horrible but it needed to be done. And really it wasn't such a feat since it has a self-cleaning feature. But the fact that I turned it on to be cleaned is a good thing. Plus, it made it blazing hot in the house for 3+ hours (what was I thinking, really?) It wasn't SO hot outside that I couldn't open some windows which helped. A bit.
This picture is unfortunately not my oven. A girl can dream though.

Thursday night my friend Erin asked me to go to a 'Tastefully Simple' party. I had never been to one so I checked with my husband to make sure he was feeling okay and that he didn't have anything going on. He gave me the thumbs up and off we went. I really should not have eaten dinner at all but I did. Lots of yummy things to sample. It was fun and 2 of our other Bunco 'drop outs' were there. Other than Erin and our other 2 friends I knew no one. There were about 10 or so people there. The hostesses girls all went to preschool with Erin's boys which is how they knew each other. LM went to a different preschool so I didn't know her. I have to say it was really nice to spend time with a different group of ladies. We all have kids about the same age but I don't recall our paths crossing until Thursday night. I love my friends but sometimes some of them (not my scrapbooking group but mostly the old Bunco group-which is why some of us dropped out) can get whiny and complain about their husbands too much. I am not one to complain about my husband much (contrary to what it may seem like at times- I have it good) so the subject becomes boring month after month. Does that make sense? Anyhow, it was a breath of fresh air to hang out with these ladies.

The real reason I bring up Thursday night (I know you were wondering if I'd get to the point) is the hostess. She is the mom of 4 girls. The oldest one is the same age as LM; the youngest just 2. She wants more kids. She is so very calm & has a clean house (sans housekeeper). Oh, and she RUNS. In the heat. She was late picking her daughter up from preschool last week because she and the baby were out running (baby in the stroller of course) & when she got back to her car it wouldn't start - so she RAN to school to get her little one. Now on the off chance Debra was out running in the 100+ heat I would call my husband if the car didn't start (I am not sure why she didn't). But this 'with-it' mom runs to school then runs home! Probably about 2-3 miles. Feeling a little inadequate, I was. So, here I am with one child and somedays I dont' quite have it together and this mom of 4 seems to. Of course, she is in her late 20's/early 30's so maybe that's it. And maybe she doesn't spend too much time blogging. Yes, that could be it. She jogs, I blog.

LM had a friend stay over last night and we are off the to county fair this morning. I am thinking goats and pigs and 4H. The girls are thinking rides and cotton candy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I posted some photos of my living room a while back. I realized how blah and boring it looks. I appreciate the suggestions I was given. One of them was 'paint'. We had the walls painted a couple years ago so I really didn't want to do it again just yet so I had to figure what else I could do to get some color in there. I thought about painting a canvas red to match the chair ( below). After talking to my sister she suggested dipping cool whip containers in paint to make the circles and an idea was born.
I bought the 3 canvases (20" X 20") at Michaels at 50% off - the three cost $21. I got a quart of paint at Lowe's ($12 - Martha Stewart's Cranberry something or the other). The blue paint was a sample size of Olympic that someone didn't buy -$1. Cool whip container and little round container I had in the kitchen - free. Fleur de lis printed off computer, traced on canvas and painted - free. So for $34 I got this new look. Very David Bromstad-ish, I think. The sofa has been moved to the wall that once housed the chair and is under the red paintings.
The chair has been moved to the wall where the sofa was. Under the chair I put my new rug from Lowe's (on sale for $60). Love the rug and the new placement of the chair. The paintings really tie everything together. I am still looking for drapes/panels for the windows since they still look blah. I plan on painting the coffee table black, too.
Working with a 'neutral' color scheme is hard. It's easy to make it very boring. The red and bit of blue really help add some excitement. I still have a way to go but for less than $100 I think I made some dramatic changes.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let me take a moment...

to digest this little tidbit of info. I just read this article saying that Ellen DeGeneres is going to be the new American Idol judge (taking Paula's place). Not sure I can picture that yet. I am not a huge Ellen fan- sometimes I think she is funny. Most of the time I don't. It should be interesting, I guess. But couldn't they come up with someone else?

Please tell me I am dreaming...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Groundhog Day...

We went to the mountains Saturday for the long weekend. We arrived about 1'sh with Smokey in tow. His first trip with us. Back to the town where he was a 'friend of the pen' (as in penitentiary). Wonder if the thought he was going back?

It was a great day for being outside. Little Miss caught up with her friends and ran around. I unpacked the car while Smokey checked things out. My husband rode up with his friend since they had to stop at Home Depot on the way. The guys arrived about 3 and immediately rounded up another friend so they could go for a quad ride. About 3 hours later, while we were fixing dinner they arrived back. They had been back for a few minutes when my husband's friend Dave said I needed to go down and talk to Bill since he seemed confused. 'Why would he be confused?', I asked. 'Oh, he crashed the quad and hit his head on a rock.' Dave said. OH, THAT'S ALL??

So I go down to talk to him and he keeps repeating himself: 'I'm confused. What happened? Where's my phone? Where's my wallet?' Over and over and over again. My first thought was 'we need to go to the ER and have him checked out'. Of course he didn't think he needed to go anywhere since he didn't know what happened. So, we call his friend Nick, who is a doctor, since I knew if he told him to go he would do it. I had no idea where the hospital was so Bill's friend, Jim, drove us down. He had also been on the ride with him so he could better explain what happened. The entire 15 minutes to the hospital he kept asking the same questions over and over again. He didn't know what day it was but he could name his 12 brothers and sisters. He knew me, Jim and Little Miss but didn't remember going for a ride at all.

We arrived at the ER at 8:10 pm. We were in a room at 8:30. His back hurt, his neck hurt and he was still repeating himself. He had an x-ray done of his ribs and a cat scan. Luckily he only had what they called a 'minor head injury'. I have to say that I was pretty scared but I did manage to keep my cool. By the time he was discharged at 11:35 he had started repeating himself less and was remembering a few things, but still not the ride or accident.

The ER doctor originally wanted to admit him to the hospital for observation. He was a little reluctant though since he was concerned about leaving Bill in the hands of the attending neurosurgeon. The hospital is in a small, rural town and the Dr. mentioned that he wanted him to stay because people tend not to follow up with their physicians or follow any of the discharge 'rules'. Since we live an hour away we thought we could go to the hospital in our town. He sang a different tune when he found out we weren't locals. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies (after riding all day and being dirty) but after speaking to us he realized we weren't. :) He called our town's hospital and they had no beds available. So after we said that Bill's friend Nick would do his follow up (the ER Dr. knew of him) he said he would discharge him. We had considered driving home but Nick said to stay there so if he needed to go back to the ER they would have all the info instead of repeating it all at our hospital.

I had to wake Bill every 2 hours and check his pupils and have him squeeze my hands. Jim helped out by taking the first shift since he wasn't ready to go to bed yet. I am not quite sure what I would have done without him that night. Or his wife who watched Little Miss while we were at the hospital. You really know who your friends are when things like this happen.

You find out who your friends are
Somebody's gonna drop everything
Run out and crank up their car
Hit the gas, get there fast
Never stop to think 'what's in it for me?' or 'it's way too far'
They just show on up with their big old heart
You find out who your friends are
~Tracy Lawrence
We are all home now. Bill is doing much better. He pretty much slept/rested the entire day on Sunday. He still doesn't really remember the accident but is speaking like his normal self and acting normal. We went out to dinner last night and he did well. He will be ready to go to work today.

While he wasn't driving his own quad I told him he should consider selling it. He wasn't totally opposed to it so I hope we can do it sooner rather than later. I think he's better off in the Ranger, with a roll bar. But, thankfully, he was wearing a helmet. Otherwise I would likely be telling a different story right now...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mommy's little secret...

The evil people at Brach's decided it was time to ship candy corn to my local stores. It is amazing how it jumps into my cart every year at this time. Evil.

Little Miss has a sweet tooth to rival anyone so I have to admit to hiding my new purchase so she cannot have access to it. Let's just keep that our little secret...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Master Bedroom...

Finally! The Mrs. unveiled hers on Monday. It took me a little longer...
This is the view of the MB when you walk in the door. Tennis ball courtesy of Smokey. The basket on the left is my junk, I mean magazine, basket. I try to go through it every so often - it's about time again. The down comforter is my Walmart bargain - $65. I looked for a long time for a down comforter and everything was way to heavy for us. I just stumbled on this one. It's really light weight. Pillows are: small blue ones-Target, shell one- Pottery Barn, bolster- Marshalls. I am currently on the lookout for a white duvet cover - not too expensive. I had a blue striped one on there & just washed it. I haven't put it back on yet since I wanted to live with white for a while and see if I really like it. I do.
I still love the print over the bed after about 15 yrs. Paint on the wall is from Lowes - called Cold Water and I think it is a Valspar color.

This dresser was pulled out of Little Miss's closet and repainted. Was a stained wood. Please note there are no pulls on there. I thought I would ditch the early American original ones then run to the store and replace them. It was not to be. The sizes are not the same as the ones I have found. So I am still looking. I have pondered filling the holes and re-drilling them but I am not sure if my husband will be willing to do that. We may just find out!

Fireplace # 2. I want to paint the mantle but I am also trying to decide if I should paint the walls or not. I like the blue accent wall but I think I might like the whole room to be blue, also. Any suggestions? Note ugly ceiling fan in mirror. It needs to go.

My sitting area. Sofa from LL Bean. It folds out into a bed and was originally bought for the playroom - then LM received a Love Sac as a gift & I needed to move it. I always wanted a chaise lounge in my bedroom so this is the next best thing. I have had the print with the geese since the 80's (I probably didn't need to tell you that) & I do still like it but it's not working in the room any more so I am looking for something. Any suggestions?
So there you have it. Hope you've enjoyed the little tour.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's interesting to listen to kids talk to each other. My friend, E, dropped her boys off early this morning so I could take them to school with Little Miss. LM wasn't quite ready when they got here so she was putting on her shoes when I overheard them talking. I am not sure what they were talking about that brought them to this point but here's where I came in:

LM: 'T, we could use a coupon.'

T: 'What's a coupon?'

LM: ' If you want to buy something that costs too much you can use a coupon to lower your cost.'

Yes, she's in training. 'Lower your cost'??? Too much Fox Business Channel I'm thinking.

Don't worry though, T is also money savvy. This conversation took place in the car:

T: 'Did you know you can get free money from the bank?'

LM: 'How?'

T: 'You take your money to the bank and they keep it for you and match what you put in there.'

Really? Wouldn't that be great? Like I said, they're in training...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I came across this article today. The Duggars are indeed expecting child # 19. Now I think large families are wonderful but I think there is a point where you have to think that enough is enough. I wonder about the kids - the older ones are basically raising the younger ones and not having much of a childhood because of it. Although I have to say they all seem really well adjusted and kind.

My husband is one of 13 so he has some experience here. He knows the sacrifices the kids and parents have to make with that many kids. He loves all his siblings and certainly wouldn't change anything but he didn't want to do it again. Which is why we only have one. Most of his siblings have small families. One sister has 5 kids and the rest range from 0 to 3.
I believe in the saying 'until you walk a mile in my shoes don't judge' but I just don't get it. And how in the world do they pay for health insurance for all of them???