I came across this article today. The Duggars are indeed expecting child # 19. Now I think large families are wonderful but I think there is a point where you have to think that enough is enough. I wonder about the kids - the older ones are basically raising the younger ones and not having much of a childhood because of it. Although I have to say they all seem really well adjusted and kind.

My husband is one of 13 so he has some experience here. He knows the sacrifices the kids and parents have to make with that many kids. He loves all his siblings and certainly wouldn't change anything but he didn't want to do it again. Which is why we only have one. Most of his siblings have small families. One sister has 5 kids and the rest range from 0 to 3.
I believe in the saying 'until you walk a mile in my shoes don't judge' but I just don't get it. And how in the world do they pay for health insurance for all of them???


I feel the same way... I can see both good and bad, but wow... really 19? I think if your kids are having kids, it's time to hang it up...
I can't believe sometimes I have three... three is hard enough.

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