Alert the media...

I cleaned my oven! It wasn't horrible but it needed to be done. And really it wasn't such a feat since it has a self-cleaning feature. But the fact that I turned it on to be cleaned is a good thing. Plus, it made it blazing hot in the house for 3+ hours (what was I thinking, really?) It wasn't SO hot outside that I couldn't open some windows which helped. A bit.
This picture is unfortunately not my oven. A girl can dream though.

Thursday night my friend Erin asked me to go to a 'Tastefully Simple' party. I had never been to one so I checked with my husband to make sure he was feeling okay and that he didn't have anything going on. He gave me the thumbs up and off we went. I really should not have eaten dinner at all but I did. Lots of yummy things to sample. It was fun and 2 of our other Bunco 'drop outs' were there. Other than Erin and our other 2 friends I knew no one. There were about 10 or so people there. The hostesses girls all went to preschool with Erin's boys which is how they knew each other. LM went to a different preschool so I didn't know her. I have to say it was really nice to spend time with a different group of ladies. We all have kids about the same age but I don't recall our paths crossing until Thursday night. I love my friends but sometimes some of them (not my scrapbooking group but mostly the old Bunco group-which is why some of us dropped out) can get whiny and complain about their husbands too much. I am not one to complain about my husband much (contrary to what it may seem like at times- I have it good) so the subject becomes boring month after month. Does that make sense? Anyhow, it was a breath of fresh air to hang out with these ladies.

The real reason I bring up Thursday night (I know you were wondering if I'd get to the point) is the hostess. She is the mom of 4 girls. The oldest one is the same age as LM; the youngest just 2. She wants more kids. She is so very calm & has a clean house (sans housekeeper). Oh, and she RUNS. In the heat. She was late picking her daughter up from preschool last week because she and the baby were out running (baby in the stroller of course) & when she got back to her car it wouldn't start - so she RAN to school to get her little one. Now on the off chance Debra was out running in the 100+ heat I would call my husband if the car didn't start (I am not sure why she didn't). But this 'with-it' mom runs to school then runs home! Probably about 2-3 miles. Feeling a little inadequate, I was. So, here I am with one child and somedays I dont' quite have it together and this mom of 4 seems to. Of course, she is in her late 20's/early 30's so maybe that's it. And maybe she doesn't spend too much time blogging. Yes, that could be it. She jogs, I blog.

LM had a friend stay over last night and we are off the to county fair this morning. I am thinking goats and pigs and 4H. The girls are thinking rides and cotton candy.


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