Am I alone?

Tell me I'm not the only one hooked on the Househusbands of Hollywood? It is on Fox Reality (usually kind of a mediocre channel but I think they got this right).
It is WAY better than any of the Housewives shows. First of all, look at these guys. Very easy on the eyes I must say. And way less drama than any of the housewives.
Remember Tempest Bledsoe, Vanessa from the Cosby Show? Her guy, Darryl Bell (you may remember him from a Different World) is at home while she works.
Jillian Reynolds of Good Day LA spends her days on the set while (cute) hubby Grant takes care of their little girl.
Billy Ashley is married to Lisa, a makeup artist, and he is at home with their 2 girls.
Charlie is a stay at home dad to cute little Ryan. His wife is a psychiatrist or something and we never see her on screen as she needs to keep her anonymity for some reason.
Danny's wife is a lawyer and he is the househusband. They appear to be very young.
All the guys are really likable. The funny thing is that most of their wives leave them lists each day of the things the guys need to get done. Do any of your husbands do that? Umm, not here. Thankfully...


I might have to check that one out! I had no idea Vanessa was married to Ron. ;)

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