It's interesting to listen to kids talk to each other. My friend, E, dropped her boys off early this morning so I could take them to school with Little Miss. LM wasn't quite ready when they got here so she was putting on her shoes when I overheard them talking. I am not sure what they were talking about that brought them to this point but here's where I came in:

LM: 'T, we could use a coupon.'

T: 'What's a coupon?'

LM: ' If you want to buy something that costs too much you can use a coupon to lower your cost.'

Yes, she's in training. 'Lower your cost'??? Too much Fox Business Channel I'm thinking.

Don't worry though, T is also money savvy. This conversation took place in the car:

T: 'Did you know you can get free money from the bank?'

LM: 'How?'

T: 'You take your money to the bank and they keep it for you and match what you put in there.'

Really? Wouldn't that be great? Like I said, they're in training...


Oh my, if only that were the case, matching! So smart, yet still SO much to learn!
Beach Vintage said…
Now thats great thinking.

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