...without spending a fortune. Below is our newest piece of 'artwork'. Our frugal artwork. I love how her jacket matches the chair.
Poster- $5 in the clearance section at Michael's. Frame $29 @ Michael's with one of their coupons. (you have to love those coupons!)

So for $34 (plus tax) we have a very neat picture hanging in our family room.
And I only had to put the poster into the frame! A time saver as well as a money saver.
Check out Wendy's Frugal Friday for more fun, frugal ideas.


Frau said…
Love it and if you get tired of that print find another $5 one!
Sabrina said…
I just wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog (Quick tip on Curtain Rods). As you can see I'm still struggling with the whole blogging thing, so it's especially nice to get a little feedback!

We are in the last 2 weeks of the school year here, and I think I need to get to summer vacation
before I can really give the Blog some real attention.

Both your sites are very nice, but I really enjoyed looking at all the cards you make! The Mother's Day card for your mother-in-law was especially beautiful.

Thanks again!

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