Saturday, May 1, 2010


LM is playing 2 divisions in this weekend's hockey tournament, 8 and under (her usual division) and 10 and under. She is the only girl on either team. Because we were short players another team let us borrow a player. Another girl. LM was excited to have another girl on the team, even if for only a day.

My husband is coaching two teams. Head coach for 8's and assistant for the 10's. He gives the players nicknames. Something short and easy to say fast when he is yelling. LM's nickname is 'B'. As is another player's. Kind of confusing but they have it figured out since they play the same position and they are usually not on the floor at the same time. He has a 'GW', a 'P', a 'G', a 'Sammy', and so it goes. Well, Mackenzie, the little girl who helped them out out day was quickly dubbed 'Girl'. He had everyone calling her that by the end of the second game. And what a player 'Girl' was. She will be the 8's competitor tomorrow so we'll know what to expect from her.

Today was fun and long. LM's team won one game which always makes her happy. The highlight of the day though was when Debra locked her keys in the car. I was told I could call OnStar and sign up and they would unlock my car. I called but apparently you need to be able to get into the car to set everything up. Well, that wasn't going to work. The lady kindly gave me the # for GM roadside assistance. My hubby suggested we call AAA first so I did. Sure enough, unlocking cars is covered under our AAA plan. So an hour later my car was unlocked. When I called to get them to come out the lady asked me if we were in a safe area to wait for the locksmith. We were safe except for the fact that my husband was really mad at me. Did that count? Thankfully, this was the first time we needed to use our AAA benefits.

But I still am considering signing up for OnStar sooner rather than later...

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