Monday, May 10, 2010


I have always believed that people come into our lives for a reason. The good people and the bad people. We may never know why but that's what I believe. Some are here for a season, some forever.

I have mentioned in the past my husband's horrible snoring. Horrible. And Scary. He has recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. It was a long road getting to the diagnosis.

Like most men he doesn't like to go to the doctor (who does?) He had a check up about 5-6 years ago and he saw the urologist for infertility issues & for a vasectomy (ironic, huh?) His family practice doc, Dr. W, moved practices and she was the only doctor in town he would see, other than the urologist. So after much time I got all the paperwork in order to have him see Dr. W again. He saw her a couple of months ago and she sent him to a Sleep Center where they diagnosed him with sleep apnea and arranged to get a CPAP machine for him. In order to diagnose my husband with sleep apnea he had to spend the night and get hooked up to a monitor. He was told that he qualified for the machine after 10 minutes of monitoring. Usually it takes an hour or two. He had 94 incidents (or apnea's-a brief pause in breathing) in one hour. To be diagnosed with mild apnea you need 5 per hour. Severe is 30. He was 3 times that.

Which leads me to the title of this post. Friends. I believe that one of his friends has entered his life to help him with this. First off, his friend N is a surgeon. He trusts him implicitly. N's dad also has a CPAP machine which is where my husband first heard about it. N was concerned about Bill's breathing and snoring (they travel on a men's hockey team and he's been in the same room with him sleeping). I have been concerned too but apparently the wife doesn't have the same clout as the medically trained friend. That's okay though. The end result was my husband going to the doctor AND telling her about the snoring issue. He has had his machine for about a month now and it has made a world of difference.

He has also started a diet because he has gained a lot of weight (he stopped chewing tobacco last year & his snoring got worse, both which his Dr. think have contributed). We also ordered P90X which we will both be starting soon. N has done this and it really worked. If I didn't know someone who had success with it I would not have believed it. My husband is starting his 3rd week of his 'diet' which is basically nothing more than eating healthier, cutting out sugar, white bread, sodas, etc. Stuff we should ALL be doing. It's so funny, I have been talking to my husband about eating like this for YEARS. But N mentions Ezekiel bread, natural peanut butter, agave nectar and my husband is all over it. Whatever works, I guess. N truly was brought to us for a reason.

I have been joking that my husband used to be cranky because he wasn't getting enough sleep and now he is cranky because he's not eating as much. He'll get used to it pretty soon. Baby steps...


Mrs. Darling said...

My son in law had 110 episodes in an hour. I am convinced my husband has it too. He has a test scheduled for the 18th of this month!

Glad you got help for your husband. Hopfully he will have many restful nights after this! :)

The Mrs. said...

Poor hubby. That is so scary. Praying for you!