Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Day...

Tomorrow is LM's last day of 2nd grade. It's a little bittersweet as she has a great class and teacher & will miss them. But it's summer vacation which is always fun.

We don't have a ton planned yet. She doesn't want to do some of the things she has done in the past, like vacation bible school. I am okay with that as she needs some unscheduled time & I don't want to force her to do anything that is not absolutely necessary (especially church related activities). We have a few short (within driving distance) trips planned but otherwise we'll just stay in town and hopefully relax. That's what summer's all about in my book.

I can't believe she'll be in third grade next year. I had a big go 'round with the principal regarding her teacher for next year. I may have mentioned it when it happened so I'll spare everyone the details. I still don't know who she'll have or even if they are considering our request. Time will tell, I guess. I guess in the big scheme of things it doesn't really matter who she has for third grade. She will do well no matter where she goes, I am sure.

And did I mention the kids get out at 11:45 on the last day? I kind of wonder why since it's such a short day. But with everything, I figure there is a reason. Plus, it means summer vacation starts a little earlier!


The Mrs. said...

I bet you have a great summer. So nice to not be so planned! Thank you for your kid words. xoxo

Laurie Anne said...

Happy Summer Vaca. We still have a few more weeks and I can't wait. I think I'm more looking forward to summer than the kids :0)