I am joining Kelly's Show Us Your Life series. Today is bathrooms. Hold onto your hats -our bathrooms are about as boring as they come. This is our master bath. Very small but at least we have one. Actually the 'master' bath in our last house was MUCH smaller-it had a small shower (about 4 ft square) a toilet and a very small vanity. It was pushing it to have 2 people in there. So this one is palatial in comparison. It has a huge window - it almost seems like it could have been a door.
Our vanity and medicine cabinet.
Close up of the vanity.

Cute pics I loved at Kmart. They were $17 each and I just loved them. They were perfect for the 'theme' I wanted when we remodeled. When we bought this house the vanity was dark with a marble top and there was carpet in the bathroom -honestly, who ever thought that was a good idea?

Below is LM's bathroom which doubles as our guest bath. Again, very small but serves it's purpose. It's the only room in the house which we haven't painted. I change my mind often as to what color I want. Of course I want to paint the vanity and wall cabinet white. One day...

Go over to Kelly's and see the other bathrooms.


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