Is this how it's done?

My friend H had her annual Halloween party on Sunday and all of us here at September Acres dressed up and headed over for dinner, friends and some trick or treating. Here is LM in front of the bloody pool. You can see a bit of the dry ice, too. She was a witch but quickly lost the hat.
Our group of trick or treaters heading out to collect some loot. This is the first year that LM has been 'real' trick or treating. We usually go to the 'trunk or treat' at our church where people give out candy from the trunk of their (decorated) cars. With Halloween on Sunday this year our church skipped the trunk or treat in favor of a cookout and games. The kids could come dressed as their favorite saint or as themselves but not in traditional costumes. This didn't go over well with LM who had already picked out a costume (not a saint) so we decided to head over to H's party instead.
While we were out LM asked my husband, 'Is this how it's done, Dad? Is this how you trick or treated in the olden days?' He explained that while it wasn't the olden days, yes, this is how it's done. She loved it!
Some of the neighbors really went all out.
The end of the night. Someone was pooped!
LM was dying to get a costume for Smokey and spent her own money on these headbands at Petsmart. He's one glad dog to see Halloween behind us.

We all had a fabulous time, stayed up too late and got too much candy. That's what it's all about, right?


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