Yes, I am still here. Just busy doing lots of things.

School started on Monday so we're back into our routine. And of course, the drama that is attached to all that is school. PTA drama mostly. Well, kind of. In a nutshell, the PTA president has been getting lots of questions from parents regarding our school's PE program. It's pretty lame to say the least but the big issue is the fact that the kids are not taking PE outside but inside in the cafe-gym-atorium ( multi-use room that is the cafeteria, gym and auditorium). Remember, we live in Arizona where people come from all over the country to enjoy our winter weather. Normal winter weather here is sunny in the 60's and 70's. Very nice. Great weather for outside play. So the parents want the kids outside. The principal has allegedly spoken to the PE teacher twice and nothing has changed and she claims she cannot make her take the kids out as long as they are being taught the skills relevant to their grade level. So the principal asked the PTA president to write a letter to the teacher and she will answer the question as to why no outdoor play in our school newsletter. ODD.

One thing I want to do is just let more things roll of my back this year and not make an issue out of everything I don't agree with. So my feeling on PE is that as far as LM is concerned it's not going to ruin her life - she takes dance and plays hockey so she is getting exercise and learning sportsmanship. She also plays out at home on the trampoline and we walk/play with the dog on weekends. I do feel bad for the kids whose parents don't have the means to provide for their kids or just don't care but I can't solve every one's problems (another thing I am dealing with). It bothers me that the teacher and principal don't really seem to care what the parents want but again I can't change everything. So that is our latest school drama.

On the subject of school, LM's music teacher is moving & her last day was Friday. Again, no great loss. For some reason, they spent a lot of time watching movies ('they're musicals' said LM's friend) and You Tube. Also ODD. Or lazy. So they are in the process of hiring a new teacher. In the mean time there will be a sub. More movies? Who knows.

I have always felt that LM was in a good school but we got a new principal last year and things have really changed a lot. Morale among teachers is way down and you can't help but notice it. Luckily, LM has a great teacher this year and academically she is getting what she needs and doing well.

LM has a hockey tournament this weekend. Her teams (she's on 2 this year) play tomorrow. We are headed out to the rink in a few to see my husband coach the high school team. He has been with these boys since they were in the 8U group so it's neat to watch them play for the high school now.

I am doing a massive de-cluttering & purging of our house. I started over the holidays with my sister's help but there's still more to do. It's seems to be coming along slowly. It's kind of a tug of war with the hubby sometimes as he doesn't want to get rid of as much as I do. But things are looking better and I am feeling better about it and less overwhelmed by all the 'stuff'.

If you have made it this far THANK YOU! We're off to watch a few hockey games...


Laurie Anne said…
Hey Debra,
It's not the PTA's job to make the PE or Music teacher change. That is why they pay principals. Don't let her off the hook by doing her dirty work. If it makes you feel better, we have he same BS up here too. Ugh

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