One and done...

I have been watching The Talk since it started and love that hour each day. It's like hanging out with your friends and chatting for an hour. Lots of mom talk. All the hosts are moms - some have toddlers & preschoolers (Julie & Sara), some have school aged kids (Holly & Leah) and some have grown kids (Sharon) so there are lots of stories and tons of advice. It's very relevant to moms out there.

The other day they were talking about having kids. More precisely, having more kids. They all went around the table and chatted about that - Leah loudly and proudly announced 'one and done for us'. You all know that we have one child. When Leah said that I thought, 'I wish I could say as proudly and happily as she just did'. I struggle with the fact that like it or not (I don't) it's one and done for us too.

There are many factors that went into that decision. Some of them include: fertility issues, age (mine), the fact that my husband is one of 13 children and he wasn't going anywhere near that (13 is too many for me but 4 would have been nice). Having one has it's benefits for sure. Traveling is much easier with one. I wouldn't have gone to Australia to see my sister if I had 4 kids but toting LM along at 20 months was easy peasy. I'd say that we can afford to give her more and that is true but it's a fine balance of giving more and indulging or spoiling so I am not sure that's really a benefit. There's no 'you can't have 2 pairs of shoes since your brother needs a pair, too'. It's more like 'you can't have 2 pairs of shoes since you only need one.'

I saw that Kelly Preston just had a baby at 47 (or was it 48?) My friend C just had a baby in the spring - she was 39, her husband 45 (my age). I remember her saying that when baby J is 20 her hubby would be 65 - retirement age. So I am not sure I really want to go there now but I still think about it from time to time (especially when I am around baby J!)

I joke with my husband that I'll be 70 and still saying 'are you sure you don't want another one?'

He's sure...


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