Fall Mantel

I finished my fall mantel today.  I actually started it last week but it took awhile to get the inspiration since I am not ready to do Halloween yet so I wanted something that was fall-ish but not all witches and bats.  I am happy with how it turned out and plan to keep it like this until I'm ready to put up Halloween in mid-October.

If you have read my blog for any time you know that our T.V. hangs over the fireplace.  I need to work my mantel decor around the T.V. to make sure that it is not blocked by anything (heaven forbid).  Since I finished the mantel today, the first Sunday of regular season NFL games, the T.V. has been on since early this morning making it a bit of a challenge to photograph my work.  These first two photos are an overview of what I did.

And here are the closeups.  I did take a few pumpkins out of the Halloween bins to add a bit of fall.  I got the black and white harlequin pumpkin last year at Hobby Lobby and it's one of my faves.

My mom printed this saying for me.  I am not quire sure where she found it but I'll update this when I find out. UPDATE:  The printable is from Dear Lillie. Thank you, Sue, for letting me know that. The little ceramic pumpkins were made by my grandma in her ceramics class.

The burlap pumpkin was made by my mom.

The urn that hides the T.V. cords.

'Silver and gold, silver and gold'.  Actually it's copper but I don't know a song about silver and copper.

A large collection of wine corks in the apothecary jar.  I did not drink all that wine.  Honest.

Like I said, I am really happy with how this mantel turned out and I look forward to enjoying it for about a month.  I hope you enjoy it as well.

Linking up to Kate's Mantel Party Fall into Fall @ DIY by Design.


Laurie Anne said…
Looks great. I love that little black and white pumpkin. I should probably start digging out my fall stuff, but I just can't let go of summer just yet :0)
The Mrs. said…
I love it. Great job! I need to do one!
stefani said…
Nice mantel. I like the black and white pumpkin.

I really wish I had a mantel to but then that would mean I would have to learn how to decorate. ;-)
Hi Debra: What a pretty fall mantel--I love the stack of books with the pumpkin on it, and the black vase next to it. The pops of shiny metallics are also very pretty!
Sue said…
Your mantel looks lovely. I have the same printable and it's from the blog Dear Lilllie. Just FYI :-)

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