31 Days of Home Organization- Day One

Welcome to day one of 31 Days of Home Organization.  I am joining The Nester again for the series this year.  I participated last year with 31 Days of Hospitality.  Writing for 31 days in a row is challenging and writing on the same subject for those 31 days is even more so.  One thing I learned last year is to plan ahead and figure out what you're going to write each day.  Just like making a monthly meal plan makes dinnertime easier, planning your posts makes blogging easier.  So this year there should be no midnight posts for me.

Organizing our homes can really make our lives run smoothly.  We're all busy with families, laundry, cooking, shopping, carpools, appointments, working and many other things.  Flying by the seat of your pants over a long term is just downright stressful for everyone.  Each day I'll give you tips and tricks to organize things in your home.  Some will be super quick & some will take a while but by Halloween you and I will be more organized than we ever have been.

Join me tomorrow as I put together a Home Organization Notebook.  This one thing will change your life.  Trust me.

If you have missed any of the posts in this series you can find them below.

Day 2 - Home Management Notebook
Day 3- Junk Drawers
Day 4- The Basics
Day 5- Under the Bed Storage
Day 6- Organized vs. Clean
Day 7- Quick Tip (junk mail)
Day 8- Kitchen Counters
Day 9- Kitchen Gadgets
Day 10 - Under the Kitchen Sink
Day 11- Small Appliances
Day 12- The Pantry
Day 13- The Fridge
Day 14- The kitchen is organized, now use it & make this recipe
Day 15- Paying Bills
Day 16- Interrupted-or straw storage
Day 17- DVD & CD Storage
Day 18- When it's alright to let go
Day 19-Storing Seasonal Decorations
Day 20-Laundry Rooms
Day 21-Organizing for Kids-Quick Tip
Day 22- Lists
Day 23- Preparing
Day 24- Calendar
Day 25- Resources
Day 26- At the Front Door
Day 27- Closets
Day 28- Gift Wrap Storage
Day 29- Vertical Space
Day 30- One In One Out
Day 31- Recap


Anna said…
Awesome! I just pinned it, can't wait to see your organization tips.

Awesome! I'm also doing a 31 day series: 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine.

I'm excited to read yours. I have started following your blog by email! Good luck!
I am in! Ever since getting back from vacation last weekend, I have been on a cleaning, organizing, decluttering spree. I have a ton more I can do so this is perfect timing!
Jerimi said…
What a fantastic idea for a blog series! I always get hit by the nesting bug in the Fall. I can't wait to see your organizing ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them.
hsmominmo said…
I can always use some help in the organization department. Looking forward to reading more this month!
Cheryl said…
Debra, first of all, thank you so much for visiting me at Thinking About Home and leaving your kind comment. I love that you did a series on hospitality last year...but I don't dare take a peek at it yet. I need for my ideas to be fresh from the brain until I get the bulk of my writing done. I promise to come and read the whole series by November!

As for your topic for this year...oh, I am very interested in that! I am always looking for new ways to keep my house (and myself!) organized. I'll be back to visit. :)

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