31 Days of Home Organization-Day 31 -Recap

Well, we've made it through another 31 Days challenge.  I'm not sure if it's because I've done this before or if it's the subject matter, but I think this year was a bit less challenging and I've got organization ideas that I haven't even touched.

Looking back, the three most popular posts based on page views were:

  • Day One - The first post in the series.  It has a list of all the other posts so you can quickly find the topics I wrote about this month. (This day also garnered the most comments).
  • Day Four - was all about the basics.  As hard as certain parts of our home can be to organize, it just comes down to basic concepts.
  • Day Two - is when I unveiled my Home Management Notebook.  If you don't have one, you really should consider putting one together.  The notebook makes life easier for everyone in the family.

My two favorite posts to write were:

  • Day 25 - was about my favorite organizing resources - books & blogs.  I get so much inspiration from these resources.
  • Day 18 - talked about letting go and reasons NOT to keep items hanging around your space.  I wrote that as much for myself as to share with others because it's something I have to keep reminding myself.
One thing I still need to share (because I know you're on the edge of your seat) is the laundry room reorganization/transformation.  As I was working on this space and going over some things with my husband, we decided that we really need a new faucet for the sink in the garage (the knob for the cold water isn't working).  A new faucet would make the sink look much worse that it does not (and it's bad now).  We are getting a new sink and faucet but just weren't able to take care of it this past weekend due to many Halloween events we were attending.  We hope to get to it within the next few weeks so I can share the transformation sometime in November.

Thanks to everyone who has gone on this journey with me and especially The Nester for organizing the challenge.  

Who's in for next October?


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