31 Days of Home Organization - The Pantry

Organizing a pantry can be a daunting task but just like any other part of your home it's pretty basic (see a list of organizing basics here).
A place for cookbooks, extra dinnerware, table linens and aprons (hung with a Command hook).
 Take your pantry overhaul step by step:

Take everything out of the pantry.  Wipe down all surfaces before you put things back.

Purge. Toss anything that is expired.  I can send my daughter over to help with that - she's like a police dog when sniffing out expiration dates. Donate anything that is not expired but you know you'll never use (like those horrid Yakisoba noodles you got for free with your 10 coupons) to your local food bank.  Only keep what you know you will use.

Cereal and chips share a home in my pantry.

Sort like items.  Figure out what works for you.  I find that during the holidays I need to move my chips to the cabinet that houses the crackers because my cereal cabinet is full of Chex cereals for all the mixes I like to make. All canned soups together.  All canned veggies together.  You get the idea.

Containerize & Label. I am a huge fan of plastic containers (like Tupperware or Rubbermaid).  They stack nicely and keep things fresh.  Label what you can - it makes it easier for others to find things in your kitchen.

Plastic wraps, tin foil, storage bags

Be Creative. Make use of wall space and cabinet doors.  Hooks and over the door racks can really multiply your space.  We had sliding drawers installed in the cabinet below allowing this space to be an effective pantry area - the cabinets are deep and the drawers make it easy to see everything.

Sliding drawers - one of my favorite kitchen accessories.

Take an inventory. Many people keep written inventories of what's in their pantry.  I love this idea because you always know what you have on hand and what you need to purchase.

Condiments and baking supplies are kept here- I think it needs to be straightened up a bit!
Maintain. Arguably the hardest part of the organization process but one of the most important.  A little bit of weekly attention will keep you from having to repeat the process totally in the future (and I speak from experience).

You can find many pantry re-do's and tips all over blogland but one pantry I am in love with is Shelly's at the  House of Smiths.  Her transformation is amazing.

I am joining The Nester this month for her 31 Days Challenge.  Find my other posts here


The Mrs. said…
Purge! That's what I need to do! Who knows what's in there!

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