31 Days of Home Organization - Under the Kitchen Sink...

In all of the homes we've lived in, the under the sink area has always been a challenge to keep organized.  I was thrilled that we had a corner sink in this house only to find half of the space taken up with the reverse osmosis system.  

It's the little things that always seem to get lost under there.  I purchased one of those plastic shoe boxes for those things and it has worked fabulously.  

You may notice that I use my Brother P-touch label maker quite a bit. I've used the labels here to label my box; not so much for me but for anyone else that gets under the sink.  I highly recommend getting one of these.  It will be money well spent.

To help keep the under the sink area neat I only keep things under there that are used for cleaning.  And of course, the fire extinguisher - a kitchen must have.

We all want our homes to be organized but under the kitchen sink is one spot where safety is super important.  Many cleaners are not safe if swallowed so we need to remember the little ones and pets.  While I try to  use as many natural products as I can, not everything is safe enough for curious children to come in contact with.  Some things to keep in mind when storing cleaning supplies:

  • Keep the cabinets locked or store the products up high.  Up until a few years ago we had child locks on all of our cabinets.
  • Label anything you put in your own bottle.  Your label maker comes in handy here.  Or a sharpie.
  • Use natural products whenever possible.  I love vinegar for cleaning.  I know that if I spray it and some gets in my eye I'll be okay.  
  • Keep the number to poison control handy.  Just in case.
I'm joining The Nester for her 31 Days Challenge this month.  If you have missed any of my posts this month you can find them here.


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