31 Days of Home Organization - Kitchen Gadgets

Just the word kitchen gadget makes me happy.  I love to spend time at Williams-Sonoma or even Target perusing the gadget area.  But how much is too much?  Truthfully, most gadgets are not terribly necessary, even though they are fun.  With that said, what I find necessary may not be necessary to someone else.  You may be happy whisking with a fork but I think a whisk is a must have.  Or you may think an apple slicer is a need but I don't mind slicing my apples with a knife. Eight wooden spoons may seem too many to you but I might use and love every one.  The point I am trying to make is that our kitchens are pretty personal spaces.

We all have limited storage spaces in our kitchen and many of us fill every nook and cranny with gadgets and dinnerware and small appliances.  And for most of us, something has to give. It's time for a kitchen gadget clean-up.

Take all of your gadgets out of the drawer(s) and put them in a box on top of your counter (I know, we just cleared our counters yesterday).  When you use a gadget put it back in the drawer.  After 30 days anything that is still in the box is not something you use and can be tossed or donated.  Keep in mind that you may want to keep some things that are still in the box if they are seasonal type of items.  For example: You may still have your rolling pin in the box but you only use it when you make pies at Christmastime, so you would want to keep it.

My box is above and I look forward to seeing what's left in 30 days.  I have done this exercise before so I'm not sure I'll have too much to toss but you never know.  I heard about this idea from the brilliant Peter Walsh when he was on Oprah a few years ago, so I don't claim it as my own but it is a fabulous way to really see what you use and what  you don't.

I am joining The Nester and over 1000 other bloggers taking part in the 31 Days Challenge this month.  If you have missed any of my posts you can find them here.


The Mrs. said…
I would do this but on day 31 I would need that mallet!! LOL
hsmominmo said…
what a great tip! I may just try this one out myself.

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