31 Days of Home Organization -Organized vs. Clean


  1. Arranged in a systematic way, esp. on a large scale.
  2. Having one's affairs in order so as to deal with them efficiently.

  1. Free from dirt, marks, or stains.
Although there is some overlap, being organized and being clean are not the same.  Your home can be clean but not organized and vice versa. 

Which is most important?

It can be argued that they are equally important but it's probably more of a case of personal opinion.  I am in the clean is more important camp.  No matter how much is sitting on my island (one of my hot spots), my kitchen sink and counters are clean.  My bathrooms are cleaned weekly, as are my floors.  But my junk drawer may be filled with a little more than usual.

Of course, if your home is too disorganized it is likely impossible for your home to be clean (we've all seen one too many episodes of 'Hoarders' to know this is true).

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Belinda said…
It is an interesting distinction and a good one to make. I need to work on the deep cleaning of my house (the monthly/yearly tasks) and I need to work on the hidden storage areas (aka cupboards).

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