31 Days of Home Organization-DVD & CD Storage

With the popularity of itunes and Netflix you would think that our music and movie storage dilemmas would be far behind us.  Not around here.  We still need places too keep our DVD & CD collections. I prefer them to be out of sight so I found these collapsible boxes a few years ago at The Container Store.  I don't think these ones are still available but they have a plethora of attractive options.

These boxes fit perfectly stacked two high on the bottom of our library table.  I measured the space before I committed to 12 of these babies so I knew they would work. The area looks neat and everything is easily found when we want a movie or CD.

And, yes, everything is in alphabetical order.  It's super easy to locate what you're looking for this way.

I'm am joining The Nester and over 1000 others this month for the 31 Day Challenge.  You can find all of my 31 Days posts here. I hope you'll check out all of the organizing ideas.


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