31 Days of Home Organization - Paying Bills

Paying bills is not likely high on anyone's list of fun things to do.  But do it we must.  I am the bill payer in our family.  I don't mind doing it and my husband has no desire to take over the task so it works well for us.

Over the years I have tried all kinds of bill paying organizers, containers, systems, etc.  But what I like the best is paying my bills as I get them.  It's super simple and nothing is late.
If you pay your bills on line through your bank you can schedule your payments to be made on or before the due date.

TIP:  I almost always have my bills delivered one day before their due date - just in case.  I have never had a problem with on line bill pay through my bank but you never know.

Once I have paid a bill I file toss it in a box which I purge (& shred) yearly. Anything needed for taxes goes in a file labeled Taxes 2012. There was a time when I was really OCD about the filing.  Once I paid a bill I filed it in a folder for that specific account in date order. With on line bills and bill paying I felt this was a bit excessive as any bill can now be pulled up on line and the need to keep a paper copy of the phone or electric bill for eternity is unnecessary (unless needed for tax purposes).

What sort of bill paying system works for you?

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Days Challenge. If you have missed any of my post you can find them here.


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