31 Days of Home Organization - Small Appliances

Small appliances, in general,  have to be one of the greatest inventions around.  You can slice and dice and julienne.  You can come home to homemade bread.  You can blend the perfect margarita on a summer day.

You also have to store said small appliances.  And that can be a problem for some most of us.  As a general rule, I am a 'if I see it I'll use it' type of gal.  So if an appliance is stored away I am less apt to pull it out to use it (rice cooker, for example).  But counter space is at a premium and I hate having everything on the counter top unless it's used.  A lot.  For me that means the Kitchen Aid and the Keurig get to stay out.  Everything else is put away.

My crock pot and food processor are used a good bit but definitely not every day.  I'll admit it was a toss up as to whether to keep the food processor or Kitchen Aid on the counter but I figured the food processor was less likely to land on my head when stored in this cabinet so I kept the mixer in plain sight.

I've had this little set up for a while and it's worked well.

I also have stored my blender, toaster (it's used daily but in a super easy spot to pull in and out), mini pie maker and the rice cooker.  I actually cannot remember the last time I used it.  I actually forgot I had it until I started working on this post. Out of sight out of mind when it comes to small appliances here at September Acres. And it looks like there's something else for the donate pile.

How do you handle small appliance storage?  Is everything out?  Everything stored?  Somewhere in between?

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Days Challenge this month.  If you've missed any of my other posts on home organization you can find them here.


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