31 Days of Home Organization-Storing Seasonal Decorations

Who doesn't love a beautifully decorated home at the holidays?  Along with all that decor comes the challenge of storing it when it's not in use.  Enter the storage bins.  I often wonder what our grandmothers did without Rubbermaid or Sterilite. Plastic storage totes are my number one way to store decorations.  Think about the following when choosing your storage bins:

Size-Yes, it matters.  Storage totes come in all sizes, from a small five gallon to a 45 gallon wheeled model (by Sterilite).  I like the larger sizes for big, light weight decor (like wreaths).  Smaller sizes are perfect for decorations that are smaller, but heavier (like door stops, metal figurines).  Bigger isn't always better so you need to keep in mind what you're storing and make sure you can actually pick up and carry the totes.

Material - It might be less expensive to toss your decorations in a cardboard box and be done with it but plastic seems to be a better storage solution for temperature fluctuations found in garages, attics and basements.  They also hold up better to stacking.  And if there's ever a flood in your basement you can say goodbye to your heirloom Christmas ornaments if they are in a cardboard box.  You should be able to find storage totes on sale several times a year so be on the lookout for them and only buy them on sale. 

Space Available- If you are putting your totes on shelving units in your basement it's important to make sure the totes fit on the shelves. Measure your shelving unit before shopping & save yourself a trip back to the store for an exchange.

I love the fact that most of the storage tote manufacturers make pretty colored totes (like the orange fall ones) to make organizing more fun.

Are you wondering what is in those storage totes?  All of my Halloween decorations.  Quite a few of them end up on the mantel.

Over the past few years the mantel has gotten creepier and creepier.  LM suggested the eyeballs in the apothecary jar.  In all my life I never thought I'd buy eyeballs for a decoration. The eyeballs came from Michaels (hurry, I know you want some).  The Happy Halloween sign is from Hobby Lobby and the metal house & glitter spider ($1) are from Walmart.

I got the idea for the ghost cloche from Dave's Wife Kristy. My husband and LM keep telling me to change the ghost's mouth because he looks too nice.  Remember Casper, the friendly ghost?  They're related.  I think the spider is from Walmart.  The black boo is from Hobby Lobby.

I'm not a fan of using skeletons for decorations but LM talked me into buying this guy last year.  And I kind of like him on the mantel this year.

I love the small pennant banner I made.

A close up of the green glitter spider.  And you'll notice the creepy eyeballs again.  I used a little batting in the house to make it look dusty - kind of like The Munster's house.

Another glimpse of the friendly ghost.

On November 1 most of this will be stored in the plastic storage totes until next year.  And then it won't be long until the Christmas storage totes make an appearance.

I am taking part in The Nester's 31 Day challenge again this year.  All of my 31 Day posts can be found here.

I also linking my mantel up to Beth's Halloween Mantel party today.


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