31 Days of Home Organization - Laundry Rooms

I have no business talking about laundry rooms.  Mine is in the garage.  It makes it super fun to do laundry in July. Even when it's cooler out it's still not the serene place I would like it to be, try as I might.

On paper, my laundry area is not too bad: front loading washer and dryer, wall cabinets for storage & a utility sink.  I even got a nice hanging rack for my birthday.  But I'm still in the garage.

I love the wall cabinets for storing detergent & other wash related  items (dryer sheets, vinegar, spot remover, etc).

In an ideal world I would love to have something like one of these rooms:


Look at all the storage here.  Would it actually be fun to do laundry here? 


I love the green wall color and the stenciled definition of laundry in this room.

While I don't love the wall color here, I am in love with the amount of storage in this room.

Check out my Laundry Room Pinterest Board for more laundry room inspiration.

Over the weekend I plan to do a little reorganization in my laundry area so I'll share it with you next week.  But I'll warn you ahead of time- it's not going to be as exciting as these rooms.

I am joining The Nester this month for her 31 Days challenge.  A list of all of my posts can be found on Day 1.


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