Looking forward...

I am excited that October is almost here for several reasons:
  • We are headed back to Disneyland during Fall Break.
  • There is a possibility that the temps will cool down in my neck of the woods.
  • The Nester is once again hosting her 31 days series.
I'll share our Disneyland stories with you sometime in November and I'll try not to talk about the weather for a while. So October will be 31 days of Home Organization here at September Acres.  This should be the kick I need to really get things organized around here.  

I'll be working for the next week getting organized so I can have some interesting and informative posts for you for 31 days.

If you missed my 31 Days of Hospitality series last year you can find it here.


Just Ask Beth said…
I am going to get organized too!!

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