Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking forward...

I am excited that October is almost here for several reasons:
  • We are headed back to Disneyland during Fall Break.
  • There is a possibility that the temps will cool down in my neck of the woods.
  • The Nester is once again hosting her 31 days series.
I'll share our Disneyland stories with you sometime in November and I'll try not to talk about the weather for a while. So October will be 31 days of Home Organization here at September Acres.  This should be the kick I need to really get things organized around here.  

I'll be working for the next week getting organized so I can have some interesting and informative posts for you for 31 days.

If you missed my 31 Days of Hospitality series last year you can find it here.

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Just Ask Beth said...

I am going to get organized too!!