Color your Christmas...

Are you spending this weekend decking the halls?  Are you thinking of spicing things up with a new color scheme?  Or do you stick with the traditional red and green?

I try to do something a little different each year without breaking the bank (of course).  Last year I went with a red and blue theme in our main living areas (family room, dining and kitchen).

And pink and green in LM's room.

Here are some other great ideas for this year's Christmas look:

 Blues and Greens.  I love these colors so much.

 Turquoise and Orange.  How fun is this?  It really creates an exciting and modern feeling.

White and Brown.   The beauty of this color scheme is that it's easy to incorporate your regular decor into a clean Christmas look.  And it's very White Christmas-y too.

What non-traditional color schemes have you used? 


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